Tuesday, 23 July 2013

In-depth: Quick Release 2 point sling

Stampede ECS in a standard 2 point sling
A 2 point sling attaches to a rifle sized blaster at 2 points (hence the name) and serves to secure it to the user. It can also serve as a shooting and teaching aid but its most important role is to allow for stowing of the rifle during non-combat periods.

The standard 2 point sling is a versatile and effective solution but it gets in the way; the triglide mechanism it uses can be fussy and difficult to use under pressure. Blastersmiths UK has always prided itself on products that can be used in the heat of a firefight without a fuss and so our standard 2 point wasn't good enough. In order to answer the problem we developed the Quick Release 2 point sling.

Rapidstrike CS-18 and a BSUK 2 point QR sling (stowed state)
The idea for this one came from a number of LARPers who spend a lot of their time standing around not doing a lot of fighting but need ready access to their blasters in case a monster raid comes down the hill or they walk into an ambush (more common than you'd think, apparently :D ). It'll also be handy for HvZ players who want to carry a bigger blaster to lectures and the like: I'm currently sitting in my office chair writing this with a Rapidstrike strapped to me. No, really - it's that comfortable.

2 point QR securely mounted on the back
In its ready state, it functions like any other 2 point. It attaches to 2 points on the blaster, ideally as far a part as possible. The critical difference with this strap is that there is an extra side release buckle on the strap to allow it to be lengthened into a ready position. Bring the two halves of the side release buckle together and Boom! you've got a shortened sling that can be used to secure your blaster to your back. The two states, stowed and ready, are completely customisable - if you want it nice and loose on your back then go for it, running about a lot and in need of something secure? Also fine. Note that it sitting on the back like that means it sits equally comfortable on the front. I've known LARPers with a habit if cuddling their rifles. To you lot, this one's for you! :D

Worried those tiny 4mm carbine hooks aren't going to fit around the 10mm Stampede fixing points? No problem, we've got that covered. We use loops of shock-cord around the fixing points to secure the carbine hooks to them and then connect everything up. No fixed attachment point? Again, that's covered: we have  Velcro D-ring mounts (pictured right) that can be looped around most blasters and stocks to provide that extra point. Originally designed as a single point upgrade for a Raider stock, they were upgraded when we realised it fitted the Rapid-strike stock. All QR sling kits will ship with both options for maximum flexibility.

The strap itself is fully adjustable in length, it fits pretty much everyone we've thrown it at. It's an unusual design that does take some time to get used to but the ability to climb trees with a blaster on your back isn't a problem that's been solved in the Nerf community yet and so it's worth taking the time over.

At the end of the day, this design combines the best of the analogue and the digital. You have the strengths of analogue variability combined with the speed and convenience of digital. While the strap can be in many lengths for dozens of different configurations, the ready and stowed states will be right just for you. We've found that no two people are able to share slings without resetting them in some way or another.

Our current variant is 25mm wide and will likely remain as such. We have a price listed for a full width 50mm variant which will be less subject to twisting but the special buckles we use in these slings are prohibitively expensive and so it will be a special order item at £10 including VAT.

There will be fitting and demonstration videos to come - we're currently a little under manned in the office.

These slings will be available to early birds from 27th July by email order only. When our new website goes live in August sometime, they'll be there are ready for you to order until your heart's content.

Thanks to Tim for modelling this one for us - we will get you to climb a tree in it sometime and show these good folks how awesome these things are. :)


  1. where is the other point on the alpha trooper? i can't exactly see it on the black shirt and it seems like it is just floating there.

  2. It's anchored using a carbine hook to the sling loop on the bottom of the AT's handle. :)

    1. that honestly doesn't sound like it should work, but i'll take your word for it. all the more reason for me to buy it and see how it works?

  3. Does this work well with an rampage? If so plz post a pic of it.

    1. Hello there! We don't have a Rampage to test it on but we have the next best thing, a Raider.

      Raider with stock: http://imgur.com/3NtGobY
      Raider without stock: http://imgur.com/5P9DE2U

      Hope that helps! :)