Monday, 2 December 2013

Rail Mounted Magazine Holder: First Look

While we produce a wide array of gear for carrying your magazines on your webbing there are times in life when you need something a little different. Perhaps you can't wear a rig because it's already full or because it's too warm. Where else are you going to put Nerf magazines? Well, your blaster has a number of hard points just waiting to be used.

Want more accessory than rifle? No problem! What else are these rails for?

Enter our Rail Mounted Magazine Holder system. We've designed this in true Blastersmiths UK fashion: to be combat effective and as customisable by the user as possible. The system will be supplied as a kit for users to screw and stick together as required.

We've designed this so it can be assembled into one of two configurations to allow magazines to be placed in either vertical or horizontal positions on your rails.

The mount plate of the main holder contains 2 part Velcro with each half sewn in place to prevent loss of the strap during fire-fights, transport or storage. Despite not having an elastic component, when sealed correctly the Velcro will retain its charge in all battlefield situations and has only failed under the most extreme of tests*. The lack of elasticity also restricts lateral movement of the magazine when swung back and forth. The Velcro also strong enough to allow the magazine holder to be used as an emergency grab strap for the blaster, though we don't condone this, there's a huge chunky ABS grab handle just a few inches away!

Each kit will contain 2 magazine holders to allow the effective carriage of either 2x 6 or 12 dart magazines or 1x 18 dart magazine. Despite what the photos show, 18 dart magazines are most stable when held by two adapters.

*For the purposes of this article, 'most extreme of tests is use of the rifle in question as a battle axe to smash your way through a table"

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